September 01, 2016

This is part two of the Krabi travel blog. If you haven't checked out the first part yet, you can click here. This would probably be just a photo blog because I can't remember the exact names of the islands we've been to. We spent the whole day doing the Phi Phi Islands tour which was around 1,000 Baht per person. If I remember it correctly, it started around 8:30AM and ended around 4:30PM. We were picked up from our hotel, dropped off to the mini ports (I don't know what they call it! Hahaha!) where we rode the speed boat which was pretty crowded. We had free water, coke and fruits in the boat and a free lunch in the main Phi Phi Island. I think the lunch was okay since I can't remember anything bad. They served us variety of foods which was tourist-friendly. 

What I really liked about this tour was the beaches we went to and the view. The water was so clear, I had so much fun during snorkeling time. There was alsoh a monkey beach! Sadly, we weren't able to go ashore because the guide said it was too risky since the monkeys does not hesitate to attack humans! Hahaha. Looking at them eating the bananas being thrown to them was enough though :) My favorite of all the stops would be the Maya Bay. My friends and I even told ourselves that we would definitely come back to Krabi just to spend a whole day on Maya Bay. It's a famous spot because a movie was filmed there and Leonardo Di Caprio was the actor. Anyway, just like other tours, we were being rushed so it pretty sucked because the time we spent on Maya Bay felt too short. We spent too much time hiking just to see one of the views in Maya Bay that was definitely not worth it. I think we only spent 10 mins on the main beach. So yeah. I hope you guys will enjoy the pictures!

P.S. I processed these photos using Snapseed on my phone :)

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