El Nido 2016 ITINERARY

November 13, 2016

2:25 PM            Flight to Puerto Princesa from Cebu 
3:40 PM            Arrived at Puerto Princesa Airport
4:30 PM            Van transfer to El Nido 
7:30 PM            Dinner at a carinderia
9:30 PM            Arrived at El Nido. The van dropped us at our inn.
9:40 PM            Check-in at Seaslugs Travellers Inn
10:00 PM          Sleep!

7:30 AM            Breakfast (Free!)
8:30 AM            Check-out at Seaslugs but left our bags in their office
9:20 AM            Tour representative picked us up (Free!)
9:45 AM            Start of Tour C
                                 Helicopter Island + Snorkeling spot instead of Hidden Beach (cancelled due to high tide)
                                 + Lunch at Colasa Beach + Matinloc Shrine + Secret Beach
4:30 PM            End of Tour C
4:40 PM            Snacks at El Nido Boutique & Art Café
5:30 PM            Tricycle ride to Las Cabanas/Marimegmeg Beach (side trip to Seaslugs for our things!)
5:40 PM            Arrived at the Las Cabanas/Marimegmeg Beach. Start of hike to The Birdhouse El Nido
5:55 PM            Arrived at The Birdhouse
6:00 PM            Sunset watching from our nest.
7:30 PM            Dinner at The Birdhouse
9:00 PM            S’mores night and chikka with other guests
12:00 PM          Sleep

8:30 AM            Breakfast at The Birdhouse
9:00 AM            Tour representative picked us up (Free!)
9:30 AM            Start of Tour A
                                Seven Commando Beach + Kayaking at Small Lagoon + Lunch at Shimizu Island
                                + Secret Lagoon + Kayaking at Big Lagoon
3:30 PM            End of Tour A
3:40 PM            Tricycle ride to Las Cabanas/Marimegmeg Beach
3:50 PM            Arrived at Las Cabanas/Marimegmeg Beach. Hike to The Birdhouse
4:05 PM            Wash up + Coffee break at The Birdhouse
4:30 PM            Picture taking in the mother nest and in our nest. HAHAHA
5:30 PM            Hike to Las Cabanas Resort for sunset watching
7:30 PM            Hike to the Birdhouse 
8:00 PM            Dinner at the Birdhouse
9:30 PM            Paper crane making with the staffs
10:30 PM          Sleep

8:30 AM            Breakfast + check-out
8:50 AM            Hike to Las Cabanas waiting shed
9:00 AM            Van transfer picked us up
11:30 AM          Lunch at a carinderia
2:10 PM            Arrived at Puerto Princesa Airport
4:10 PM            Flight to Cebu
5:25 PM            Arrived at Mactan International Airport


Cebu Pacific Roundtrip Airfare: 1,500/person x 2 = PHP 3,000.00 *Promo

Roundtrip van transfer (Puerto Princesa and El Nido) : 1,000/person x 2 = PHP 2,000.00

Seaslugs Travellers Inn: 1,500/night good for 2 persons = PHP 1,500.00

The Birdhouse El Nido: 2,500/night x 2 nights + 10% service charge = PHP 5,500.00 *Soft opening rate

Tour A: 1,200/person + free lunch x 2 persons = PHP 2,400.00

Tour C: 1,400/person + free lunch x 2 persons = PHP 2,800.00

Kayak Rentals for the lagoons : 300/kayak good for 2 x 2 lagoons (Small and Big Lagoon) = PHP 600.00

El Nido Environmental Fee: 200/person (good for 10 days stay) x 2 persons = PHP 400.00 *waived by The Birdhouse El Nido in a form of discount because we booked our tours through them 

Tricycle: 150/trip x 2 trips = PHP 300.00 

El Nido Boutique and Art Café: PHP 500.00 +++
            Carbonara – Php 300.00
            Mango Shake – Php 150.00
            Coffee – Php ???

The Birdhouse El Nido Meals: PHP 2,000.00 +++
            Pasta - 275/meal x 2 persons = PHP 550.00
            Grilled Fish - 250/meal x 2 persons = PHP 500.00
            Breakfast - ???? x 2 days x 2 persons = ?????
            Beer - ????
            Coffee - ?????

Las Cabanas Resort: Chocolate Banana and Mango Shake - 150/shake = PHP 300.00

Carinderia meals: Max of 200/meal x 2 days = PHP 400.00

PHP 21,300.00  or PHP 10,650.00 per person

This might be expensive for you guys but I'll tell you that IT IS SO WORTH IT! Palawan has been listed as one of the best islands IN THE WORLD! (Source 1, Source 2, Source 3) This had been a distant dream of mine thinking I can't afford it but thank God for airfare promos, we were able to book a flight to Palawan :) We were quite 'extravagant' with this trip. We had 2 island hopping tours, stayed at a mid to high price boutique glamping hotel, ate at famous restaurants and etc. All of these you can avoid to make it more cheaper. 

If you opt to only have 1 island hopping tour, choose Tour A because it is has the best views. There are a LOT of small restaurants/shops in El Nido Town. Right after the tours, you can walk around the streets and look for BBQs or burgers for snacks. Water costs PHP 25.00 for 500ml. Tricycle rates are fixed at PHP 150.00 from El Nido Town to nearby hotels and beaches. Do not book Nacpan beach tour through the hotels or travel agencies because they are more expensive at PHP 1,300.00. Tricycle drivers will offer it to you at PHP 1,000.00. 

For our stay at The Birdhouse El Nido, we were really lucky they had a 50% off soft opening promo during our trip. I LOVED THAT PLACE! They had great food, super friendly staff and host, and of course, an amazing view of the Bacuit Bay. Seaslugs Traveller's Inn, on the other hand, was cheap, clean and near the town. Both hosts were very helpful in arranging van transfers and tours. Plus shoutout to Karen of The Birdhouse El Nido for giving us a discount! Van drivers were also very honest. We were quite confused where to pay for the van transfer. They never accepted our money not unless it was confirmed by their main office. The carinderia where all the vans en route to Puerto Princesa or El Nido stops for lunch/dinner, was quite okay. Although the first time we ate there, I was complaining a lot that the place smelled like urine. HAHAHAHA! But we had no choice because it was the only carinderia in the place. The food and serving size was good but my boyfriend said it was a bit pricey.

Best place to watch sunset would be in Las Cabanas Beach Resort or Marimegmeg Beach :) Some blogs would say Nacpan Beach but we haven't been there so... we'll see next time :) Also, there are a few bars along Marimegmeg Beach so it is a perfect place to chill, listen to the waves, read a book, catch up with friends or etc.

I've been referring Las Cabanas Beach and Marimegmeg beach as one but they're really not. Locals call it 'Las Cabanas' but Las Cabanas is actually a resort located at the end of Marimegmeg Beach. So, from the highway, you will be dropped at a waiting shed. Beside it, there's a stairs that will lead you to the Marimegmeg Beach. If you'll walk until the end of the beach, you will reach the Las Cabanas Beach Resort.

More tips:
1. Do intensive research on your trip.
2. Look for accommodations in Bookings.com or Agoda. Once you like a place, save it in a list. Do not book through these sites or apps. Instead, visit the hotel's Facebook page or website and contact them personally. Send them a private message for the rates. Better yet, call the number posted on their Facebook page or website. I did this! Hahaha.
3. Search #elnido, #SmallLagoon, #SevenCommandos, or other places on Instagram to determine if you like the place or not. Many people have been posting picture of their trips with hashtags (including me! *wink*). There are 5 kinds of tour you can do in El Nido, 4 island hopping and a town tour. Use the hashtag to help you decide :)
4. Talk to the locals! I was complaining how my skin was hurting due to sunburn and they gave me advice on how to deal with it. Hahahaha!



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  1. Super thanks for this informative post, Tin! I can finally imagine the flow now of my trip. haha I'll be going this March and I'm super excited na! :) So lucky na nka 50% discount mo sa Birdhouse. I inquired last Sept and they told me 5k. huhuh but anyways...judging from your post and photos, I think it's gonna be worth it :) haiiisst. thank tin! -- Joojah

  2. Yaaay! Sa Birdhouse gyapon mo magstay? Nice gyud dito ay and lami kaayo ilang foods! But wala silay choices for you sa food. Sila magbuot unsay food for the day. Hahahaha. Anyway, makatipid kaayo if daghan mo. Sa Birdhouse and sa mga tours, kamo lang sa imo boyfriend?


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